The formation and the development of possibilities of research is a key task of the Zentrum. The competences of the work represented at the university are joined by relevant complementary focused actions:

Projects involved in the Artistic Research PhD Programme at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, Zentrum Fokus Forschung

UNDERSTANDING ART & RESEARCH – The open-ended exhibition and documentation project provides insights into current projects of Art & Research at the Univeristy of Applied Arts Vienna.

Catalogue Fokus Forschung offers a continuous overview of publications of artistic research endeavours in the context of the University of Applied Arts Vienna.

Supported Projects in the field of artistic or scientific research at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, provided with institutional support (e.g. Fokus Forschung Studio).


List of Research Projects at (incl. Focus Artistic Research – PEEK)

A close collaboration with Support Art and Research will also be provided.