Doktoratsprojekte Künstlerische Forschung

Projekte im Rahmen des Doktoratsstudiums Künstlerische Forschung an der Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien in alphabetischer Reihenfolge:


Barbara Graf, Stitches and Sutures, Betreuerin: Barbara Putz-Plecko
Anahita Rezvani-Rad, What role does art play, if any, in archiving and effecting collective memory, Betreuer: Henning Bohl
Barbis Ruder, COUNTERACTIONS. What are the possibilities and restraints of (body) optimization?, Betreuer: Peter Weibel
Rizki Resa Utama, BALIMAJINESE “Constructed Audiovisual Language in Tropical Tourism (Bali, Indonesia)”, Betreuer: Martin Krenn
Fabian Weiss, Ideal Self: How We Use Photography and Technology to Present and Optimize Ourselves, Betreuerin: Margarete Jahrmann


Cordula Daus, Kay, or a Case for Intensity, Betreuer: Ferdinand Schmatz
Bogomir Doringer, I Dance Alone, Betreuer: Paul Petritsch
Verena Faißt, Staging the white elephant that remains overlooked, Betreuerin: Barbara Putz-Plecko
Martin Kusch, Virtual Together, Betreuer: Virgil Widrich
Charlotta Ruth, Choreographic Contingencies for on and offline, Betreuerin: Margarete Jahrmann
Hinnerk Utermann, MAKE IT REAL, Betreuer: Jan Svenungsson


Michael Kargl, Performative Materiality, Betreuerin: Brigitte Kowanz
Ralo Mayer, Space Un/Settlements, Betreuer: Ferdinand Schmatz
Marie-Claude Poulin, Mutations – bodily perception, analog and digital dispositives, Betreuerin: Ruth Schnell
Katarina Šoškić, The Journey: tourist zones, seasons and fields in between, Betreuer: Jan Svenungsson
Anna Vasof, Non-Stop Stop-Motion, Betreuerin: Judith Eisler