Call for Applications 2017

for the Artistic Research PhD programme (PhD in Art) of the University of Applied Arts Vienna

deadline: 18 May 2017 – closed | programme commences: October 2017

The University of Applied Arts Vienna would like to invite interested persons to apply for the Artistic Research PhD Programme (PhD in Art).

The Artistic Research PhD Programme is a postgraduate study programme in the field of art. The six-semester study programme in the English language concludes – as is common international practice – with the academic degree of “PhD” and is issued once per annum.

The programme is governed by subjects and practices of artistic research, whereby the focus is on artistic work, which is regarded as the basis of knowledge production. Reflection upon the specific methods and production processes used by participants in their own artistic projects represents a significant area of the research work. Thus the thesis consists of both an artistic work and a presentation of the insights gained, in form of a reflexive documentation. As a matter of principle, research in the sense of comprehensive knowledge production is defined as open to any outcome.

The study programme will enable graduates to accomplish independent artistic research endeavours at the level of international standards, as well as to take on coordinating and leading roles. It offers artists the opportunity to generate fresh knowledge regarding specific issues in the arts, to contextualize their artistic research and to adequately communicate the insights gained. Graduates will have acquired the abilities necessary to successfully hold their ground in both national and international artistic environments. Doctoral candidates are tutored by professors of the Angewandte who are recommended by the committee that is also in charge of candidate selection. The procedure is supported by Zentrum Fokus Forschung.

To be considered for the study programme, applicants must provide evidence of a general university entrance qualification and pass the admission procedure. The admission procedure requires that applicants provide evidence of a qualified artistic career, i.e. submission of a curriculum vitae and a portfolio of artistic work. In addition, they should submit a written exposé in which they outline their intended artistic research project (max. 4500 words). A summary (max. 450 words) – including the explicit research question – should precede the exposé. Research concept, methodology, project goal and intended form of reflexive documentation should be explained, and the exposé should also include a time and contents schedule for the proposed project.

Selection criteria (see admission procedure) are the topicality, innovation potential and social relevance of the artistic research issue described in the exposé, as well as knowledge of both its national and international research context. The documents (CV, portfolio, exposé) for the admission procedure should be sent in PDF format (surname_cv.pdf, surname_port.pdf, surname_exp.pdf) via email to by 18 May 2017 (subject: Surname Participation PhDArt). Hyperlinks may be included in the PDF file to enable download of relevant material in well-established digital formats. Please ensure that attachments don’t exeed 10 MB.

Applicants will be informed about admission procedure results by 11 August 2017 at the latest.

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