Supported Research Projects

Some research institutions base their development of internal logics on expertise, drawing on exemplary forms of cutting-edge practices, while others have gone in the direction of designing options for the present while reflecting on the future. Both are rewarding approaches for both art and science. At the University of Applied Arts Vienna work is being done on productively merging both. In the past years an environment was created – an environment in which boundaries are seen as open and then also in the new fi elds which one reached, the ground on which one stands is not familiar, one has to go further beyond it, at a certain level that is. That worked well and works much better. Every new day shows this.” (“Art and Research” Insert of the Wiener Zeitung Nov. 2013, p. 7, Thema “Art and Research”)

The  Zentrum Fokus Forschung  provids  institutional support (e.g. Fokus Forschung Studio) for projects in the field of artistic or scientific research at the University of Applied Arts Vienn.

List of scientific research projects

List of artistic research projects