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Angewandte Festival program contributions of the research projects in Zentrum Fokus Forschung

We are happy to welcome the following program contributions of the research projects at the Angewandte in the garden of Zentrum Fokus Forschung (Rustenschacheralle 2–4, 1020 Vienna) within the framework of this year’s Angewandte Festival:



Being in Contact: Encountering a Bare Body, Mariella Greil

Book presentation, 29.6., 17:00-20:00

This choreographed book by Mariella Greil is dedicated to the phenomenon of the bare body in contemporary performance. This work of artistic research draws on philosophical, biopolitical, and ethical discourses relevant to the appearance of bare bodies in choreography, setting a framework for a reflexive movement between affect and ethics, sensuous address and response. Music by DJ Werner Moebius.



INSIDE OUT – Performative intervention, Marie-Claude Poulin

Performance, 29.6., 17:30-20:00

Performers converse with the environment, blending into the landscape in unusual postures; natural, social and civilized forces mingle within the garden, releasing the tensions of months of isolation. Developed within the seminar “Intermixing digital and body-based performance”, under guidance of teacher/artist-researcher Marie-Claude Poulin, at the DIGITAL ARTS department. In cooperation with the Zentrum Fokus Forschung.

Performers: Verena Frauenlob, Teuta Jonuzi, Daria Lytvynenko, Anna Mutschlechner-Dean, Narges Safarzadeh, Leona Sophia Strakerjahn, Péter Várnai, Agnieszka Zagraba

Which doctor? – A digital come-and-go performance in the exhibition, Cordula Daus, Charlotta Ruth

Performance, 29. – 30.6., 11:00-14:00

A team of almost doctors from the fields of language art, expanded choreography, midwifing, neuroscience, architecture and software engineering have joined forces to design a program to practice the art of questioning: Questionology. At Zentrum Fokus Forschung we invite you to test three of our soft-wares. Tune your moods with the Whichdoctor, bewilder yourself with y/our answers in a questionnaire and train yourself in a treasure hunt for human support in our garden.


Fahrgeschäft Taumelchor, Anderwald+Grond, Monika Rinck

Performance, 30.6., 16:00-19:00

A performance between agitated thinking, writing and speaking in an unstable equilibrium.

Introduction Ruth Anderwald + Leonhard Grond, Navigating Dizziness Together, FWF-PEEK AR 598. Lecture performance, followed by discussion, by Marcus Steinweg, Professor of Art and Theory, State Academy of Fine Arts Karlsruhe.

Performative intervention by Laura Brechmann, project member Navigating Dizziness Together.  Introduction by Monika Rinck, Professor of Language Arts, University of Applied Arts Vienna. Reading of texts by students of the Institute for Language Arts.


Dérive performance Neuromatic Game Art: Critical Philosophy Play, Margarete Jahrmann

Performance, 1.7., 17:00-20:00

In a performative set of cards, we orient ourselves to a reinterpretation of dérive and detournement as a mind game. AI ethics, generative text and performance are grotesquely coupled with an interpassive mind-reading device. We invite you to surrender: to the staged generation of artistic research texts, to the oracle of neurointerfaces, and to somatic experience. We play sensory expansion and introspection in the mists of time….

Participants: Mark Coeckelbergh (AI ethics), Margarete Jahrmann (PI Neuromatic Game Art), Neuromatic Research group: Charlotta Ruth (game mistress & performance lead), Anna Dobrosovestnova (philosophy), Thomas Wagensommerer (Audio experience), Georg Luif (AI development).


Wanderlust Walk, Zentrum Fokus Forschung

Performative walk, continous

Wanderlust is to be outside and to encounter! Go on a walk, to reflect with each other and exchange ideas on how research happens, develops and is constantly changing. Start at one of the two locations of the Zentrum Fokus Forschung at VZA7 or at the Rustenschacherallee 2-4 in the Prater. On the connecting path in between, documented processes of the respective projects are waiting hidden behind QR codes, in relation to the manifestations on the two locations.



29.6., 17:00-20:00 Being in Contact: Encountering a Bare Body
Mariella Greil, Werner Moebius

29.6., 17:30-20:00 INSIDE OUT – Performative intervention
Studierende der Abteilung Digitale Kunst mit Marie-Claude Poulin

29. – 30.6., 11:00-14:00 Which doctor?
Cordula Daus, Charlotta Ruth, Simon Repp, Hinnerk Utermann, [M] Dudeck

30.6., 16:00-19:00 Fahrgeschäft Taumelchor
Ruth Anderwald, Leonhard Grond, Monika Rinck, Marcus Steinweg, Laura Brechmann

1.7., 17:00-20:00 Dérive performance Neuromatic Game Art
Mark Coeckelbergh, Margarete Jahrmann & Neuromatic Research group (Charlotta Ruth, Anna Dobrosovestnova, Thomas Wagensommerer, Georg Luif)

continous Wanderlust Walk
Zentrum Fokus Forschung

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