Angewandte Praxis meets Wiener Rauschen

Noise in Nano, Micro and Macrocosms

Angewandte Praxis in cooperation with Wiener Rauschen Festival

A connection of quantum physics, plankton, and our solar system Quantum physics are behind everything – the particles that make up planets as well as the cells of microscopic life.
Physicist Matilda Peruzzo gives a short introduction to the interconnections of these forces. The performer Victoria Primus translates the oscillations of the Universe as fundamental forces circulating of her heart in correlation to their associated microcosms. The project Planetary Oscillations uses repetitive sound and rhythms of the planets performed live by Elena Shirin to invite recipients to let go and experience a feeling of freedom and affiliation.
The immersive and interactive art installation NOISE AQUARIUM allows visitors to dive into the microscopic world of plankton. Noise and other anthropocentric pollutants can be experienced immediately – everybody can try to save the ecosystem and see how hard it is to keep balance.
Chaos and noise is everywhere – everything is interconnected.

September 24th 2020
2-6pm NOISE AQUARIUM Installation
Meditation with Victoria Vesna

(Jot12 and online)

6-7:30pm Angewandte Praxis

8:30pm Performance:
Planetary Oscillations