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Wanderlust. Sharing of reflective things resonante

In a joint exhibition format, contributions from research project teams developed especially for the Angewandte Festival 2021 and supported by the Zentrum Fokus Forschung will be on display. In the willingness to critically surrender to discovering exploration lie both the excitement and the responsibility of research in art and science. The festival once again offers the opportunity to celebrate this. We offer path and space to delve into research projects from this perspective as part of Wanderlust.

Wanderlust details 


Public Colloquium – Artistic Research PhD

The Public Colloquium is part of the Artistic Research PhD Programme at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. The aim of the Public Colloquium is to provide an opportunity for the PhD candidates to present the progress and current development of their research projects. The presentations serve to illustrate the continuous artistic research practice, whereby development is made comprehensible through the consideration of reflexive forms of documentation and the possibility of integrating existing elements of the work.

Moderation by Margarete Jahrmann (University Professor Artistic Research PhD Programme) and Alexander Damianisch (Head of Zentrum Fokus Forschung).



The publication Envelope offers insights into ongoing PhD projects of artistic research within an innovative format. The core of Envelope presents content provided by PhD candidates based upon their individual artistic research and and allows a glimpse into ongoing processes. These visual and written traces portray the current state of the art within their continuous research processes. Jointly developed between Margarete Jahrmann, Professor for the Artistic Research PhD Programme since 2017/18, and Alexander Damianisch, head of Zentrum Fokus Forschung, this open format tries to follow and reflect our experiences through a tentative way of sharing, as well as providing reference and provocation as it documents relevant developments in the field of art and research.

Download Envelope #2
Download Envelope #3

open access digital Envelope #4


Research Week

October 2021 at the Prateratelier – Rustenschacherallee 2-4 1020 Vienna

The research week is an opportunity offered to researchers in the institutional environment of the University of Applied Arts Vienna to present research projects and activities in a context of dialogue and to foster further exchange. This stage aims to support the debate on research activities at the university and to increase the visibility of the individual projects.

Further information for researchers interested in taking part – Invite Research Week


Applied Practices

to be translated.

For the list of past events see – Applied Practice


Research State

In the context of developing research activities and their communication, research projects in both scientific and artistic research fields, including doctoral students, were invited to present their current research in five- to ten-minute videos.

Please find all video presentations at – research state


Understanding Art & Research

An exhibition of the University of Applied Arts Vienna


Curated by Gerald Bast, Alexander Damianisch, Barbara Putz-Plecko

The University of Applied Arts Vienna presents exemplary approaches to its artistic research under the title UNDERSTANDING – ART & RESEARCH, which focuses upon understanding as the creative impulse. Through examples from research and teaching, science and art, the transformation of society can be viewed, examined, sensed, discussed and experienced.

Details on the individual locations


Contemporary Code (2015)

An exhibition of the University of Applied Arts Vienna in cooperation with the School of Creative Media/ City University of Hong Kong. The exhibition, opened in 2015 at the City University of Hong Kong, presented artistic research projects based at the University of Applied Arts Vienna.

The video documentation of artistic research projects created in this context can be found here:  Contemporary Code