Scientific doctoral studies

Doctoral studies in philosophy/natural sciences/technical sciences

The application for admission is made by using the form Application for Admission to Doctoral Studies. The requirements for admission must be found in the curriculum. There is also a checklist available for administrative processing.

Applications for admission to the scientific doctoral program must be submitted by the end of the general admission period. Applications submitted later will not lead to admission in the corresponding semester, even if they are approved.

Supervision of the dissertation requires the conclusion of a dissertation agreement with one or two teachers who are authorized to supervise the topic of the dissertation based on their teaching authorization.

  • (University professors, university emeritus professors, retired university professors, private lecturers habilitated at the University of Applied Sciences and university lecturers). You will find an overview of the subject areas available at the Angewandte under “Institutes“, as well as the corresponding teaching staff and contact information.
  • The Dean of Studies for Teaching is also entitled to call upon persons with a teaching authorization at a recognized foreign university or at another Austrian or foreign institution of equal standing to the universities to supervise and evaluate dissertations, if their teaching authorization is equivalent to a teaching authorization according to paragraph 1.

The dissertation agreement between the dissertant and the supervisor must be concluded by the end of the second semester of study at the latest.

A requirement for the conclusion of the Thesis Agreement is a public short presentation of the project in front of a scientific advisory board, which meets once per semester (May and December). Registration with the Center for Focus Research is based on the submission of a written exposé.

The doctoral candidate must hand in the dissertation agreement to the Studies Department signed by the supervisor.

For the successful termination of the doctoral studies, the student must pass exams on all the courses listed in the dissertation agreement (up to a maximum of 24 ECTS, of which 8 ECTS are required for private examinations or seminars for doctoral students). Private examinations or seminars for doctoral candidates can only be taken after the approval of the dissertation agreement.

A further admission requirement is the proof of a relevant preliminary study according to UG 2002 § 64 Abs. 4 or Abs. 4a.

Admission is handled by the Department of Studies at the University of Applied Arts Vienna:


Oskar Kokoschka-Platz 2 | 1010 Vienna

Study department

+43-1-71133 DW 2060

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