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Focus Projects


IMZENTRUM will be a temporary free space, a place of presentation and discourse at the same time. The paradoxical fact that the focus of the series is on marginal areas of artistic development and research in sound and performance art invites us to discover and explore new things together.

A place for common exchange will be created; precisely in order to enable a meeting in a safe framework after, in and before times of distance, in which institutional and non-institutional actors meet.

Opposing positions are brought together to ensure diversity and exchange. Openness and experimentation are natural and desired. To ensure this, the curatorial team has agreed to combine internal and external positions in each performance.

Please find all dates here: IMZENTRUM



Understanding Practice is a new event series hosted by the ZFF and the PhD in Art Program. With our renowned guests, we explore their respective practices and experiences, questioning the possibilities of understanding and practising art and research together. In both a staged performance or lecture and a conversational workshop and exchange format, we will dive into different perspectives of art and research. This approach allows for an encounter with the work of the invited guests, as well as a joint reflection of their practice and its specific challenges and implications.


Efva Lilja
7. – 8. April 2022

Aurea Klarskov & Markus Krajewski
11.–12. Mai 2022

Eleni Sikelianos
2. – 3. Juni 2022

The Artistic Research Library

The Artistic Research Library (TARL) was launched by the Zentrum Fokus Forschung at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. It is a curated research depository that features relevant publications within the field of art and research, with a focus on artistic research. A key purpose of TARL is to ensure that artistic research is made more easily accessible and available to a larger audience and to ensure the ongoing visibility of quality artistic research.

TARL is user-friendly as it builds on the widely available and popular free citation software Zotero to ensure accessibility, simple use and up-to-date information. Each publication in TARL includes bibliographic information that can be exported for citations and added to your own bibliographies. In addition, abstracts are included in TARL where available.

TARL is maintained and supported by the Zentrum Fokus Forschung. The featured publications are identified based on content and relevance to the field of Artistic Research. TARL aims at researchers worldwide and is open to anyone interested in Artistic Research. The bibliography is freely accessible and constantly updated to represent the current state of research. Researchers and artists can propose their publications for inclusion in TARL via*. Suggestions and own bibliographic collections can also be contributed at any time.

*We will be happy to inform you personally about the concrete conditions for this as soon as the interest is expressed by e-mail, e.g., the bibliographical details need to be checked, a sample copy of the publication needs to be sent for inclusion in the (if possible) analogue Artistic Research Library, further positions need to be suggested for inclusion.