Angewandte Praxis

Art Intelligence
How Generative AI Relates to Human Art-Making


Artists are always curious about new technologies. What new perspectives do they open up? What are the implications? What will they change?

How can I use them?

Now, for the first time in history, technology controlled by private companies is offering to replace the work of writers, musicians, illustrators and visual artists.

What impact will generative AI have on how we create art and how we understand what art is and what it is for? How will it affect the role of the artist in the future and the conditions under which artists work?

In my book Art Intelligence, to be published in June, I explore and speculate on the consequences, dangers and opportunities that the current wave of technology brings to the art paradigm – to us and to our profession.

In my talk, I will use some of the ideas and questions in the book to prompt reflection and provide a platform for discussion.

Ultimately, I am asking: what is it about human art-making that can’t be copied?

If there is such a thing.

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