Morphology of Sound



This project follows an interdisciplinary path integrating methods from the field of audio data analysis into the field of design and artificial intelligence to use audio data as a generative driver of design and design descriptions as a driver of audio compositions. The project will explore emergent morphologic and audio impulses and stimuli through the integration of generative systems of artificial intelligence and Artificial Neural Networks, that are trained to transform the architectural medium of geometry as a reaction to incoming audio impulses. The concept of the project presupposes a transformation between sound and light-based structures, both elements of the multisensory architectural medium, namely the transformation from enactive perceivable sound spaces into parameters of the virtually abstract medium of mathematics to enactive perceivable architectural structures in physical space and vice versa. Exploring these bilinear processes, the project aims to open novel ways of creation, liberating these media from their conventional tools by generating novel interdisciplinary instruments.

This project is a Cooperation between University of Applied Arts Institute of Architecture and University of Applied Arts Digital Arts Department funded by INTRA. The exhibition object was designed by the students of Department of Structural Design (ITI) at TU Wien.

Research Team: Zeynep Aksöz Balzar(PL), Nicolaj Kirisits(PL), Klaus Filip, Alexander Karaivanov, Hans Schartner
Student Team: Moritz Koegel, Lukas Pielsticker, Alexander Urban

Material and Fabrication is sponsored by Österreichische Stahlbauverband, Grabner Stahlbau, ITI TUWien

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