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Artistic Research PhD Programme (PhD in Art)

Doctoral programme / Doctor of Philosophy in Art (PhD) | 6 Semesters / Language: English

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The Artistic Research PhD Programme (PhD in Art) at the University of Applied Arts Vienna is a postgraduate study programme in the field of art, in which independent artistic research is generated in order to contribute to the development and appreciation of the arts. These studies focus on artistic work that is regarded as the basis of knowledge production.

The reflective examination of specific methods and production processes on the basis of one’s own artistic project is integrated as an essential part of the research work. In the sense of comprehensive knowledge production, research is defined in general as open-ended. The programme enables graduates to perform independent artistic research in accordance with international standards and to undertake coordinating and leadership functions. The course of study gives the artists the opportunity to generate new knowledge about specific problems in the arts, to contextualize their artistic research and to communicate the resulting knowledge adequately. They have the necessary skills to successfully assert themselves in national and international artistic environments.

Admission to the programme requires proof of a general university entrance qualification and positive completion of the admission procedure. In addition to proof of a qualified artistic career – submission of a curriculum vitae and a portfolio of artistic works – a written exposé (English), in which the artistic research project is specifically described, must be submitted for the admission procedure. In particular, the research context, methodology and project goal must be explained. In addition, the exposé must include a schedule of the project in terms of content and time.

Selection criteria are in particular the topicality, innovation potential and potential social relevance of the artistic research project described in the exposé, as well as knowledge of the national and international research context. The doctoral students are supervised by professors of the university of Applied Arts Vienna, recommended by the commission that is also responsible for the selection of candidates, supported by Zentrum Fokus Forschung.