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Frequently Asked Questions – Artistic Research PhD Programme

What are the necessary application documents?
The application should consist of CV, portfolio and exposé. You can find further information in the Admission Procedure for the Artistic Research PhD Programme.

What is the exposé?
The exposé (max. 1200 words, incl. footnotes) outlines the intended artistic research project. It should explain research concept, methodology, project goal and intended form of reflexive documentation. It should also include a time and contents schedule for the proposed project. A summary (max. 300 words) elaborating the research question should precede the exposé

Can candidates from all artistic degree courses apply the PhD in Art programme?
Yes, the programme is open to graduates from all artistic studies. Applicants are required to provide evidence of a completed, subject-relevant diploma or master programme.

Which costs can be expected for the programme?
Detailed information on tuition fees can be found here.

How are the PhD projects financed?
In order to prove and quality of the research project, candidates have to include a financing model for the three year study in their application – be it PhD-funding programmes, grants or own resources. For further information on grants and scholarships please visit this page.

Does the programme offer studio space?
Within the premises of Zentrum Fokus Forschung we offer participants in the Artistic Research PhD Programme a shared work space and the necessary infrastructure to realize their research projects.

Which language skills and certificates are required?
The language of instruction is English, sufficient language skills are necessary to successfully complete the programme. However, you don’t have to provide certificates in the application.

Do participants have to move to Vienna?
Most of the programme’s courses and activities take place in Vienna. We aim to structure the classes in blocks throughout a semester. Students are urged to attend these block seminars but they can participate from abroad for the rest of the time.

Do I have to contact a supervisor for my PhD project prior to my application?
No. A committee will decide about the admission of up to eight candidates and about the supervisors based on the applicant’s proposal. A supervisor’s consent is not necessary nor will it influence the committee’s decision.