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Scientific Research PhD Programmes

The goal of the scientific doctoral studies at the University of Applied Arts Vienna is to contribute to the development of the sciences in the departments represented at the university through guided but independently conducted research.

Students should acquire the ability to solve complex scientific problems of basic and applied research at a high international level in compliance with recognized scientific standards. Furthermore, the doctoral programme serves to educate and promote young scientists.

At the University of Applied Arts Vienna, the following doctoral programmes, each lasting three years, have been established in the scientific field:

– Doctoral studies in philosophy

– Doctoral studies of natural sciences

– Doctoral studies of technical sciences



Fields of activity of graduates

The graduates of the scientific doctoral programme:

  • should be able to conduct innovative research alone or in a team and to take on coordinating and management functions.
  • should be able to conduct independent research, develop projects and be able to make well-founded criticism of the methods and developmental logics of science. They should not only be able to develop ideas for others, but should also be able to leave predetermined paths through their ability to reflect. They should be able to move confidently within the subject area of the dissertation.
  • can be employed primarily in subject-specific scientific working areas and can pursue scientific, art-critical, curatorial, artistic or journalistic careers.