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Short Presentations

Short presentation of the research project

According to the curriculum, the research project must be presented to an academic advisory board in the course of the first two semesters, in the form of an exposé in a short public presentation. This is the requirement for conclusion of the dissertation agreement and for continuation of a regular course of study. Private tutorials and seminars for doctoral candidates can only be taken after the conclusion of the dissertation agreement.

Zentrum Fokus Forschung offers three dates per year for short presentations in March, May and December.

Upcoming dates for short presentations:
2 December, 2022 (deadline for registration: 21 October, 2022)
3 March, 2023 (deadline for registration: 20 January, 2023)
5 May 2023 (deadline for registration: 24 March, 2023)

For the presentation of the research project, each candidate is given 15 minutes. Afterwards, a discussion with the scientific advisory board takes place.

To register for a presentation appointment please contact six weeks before the desired date!



The exposé is a written concept for the planned dissertation project and is intended to describe the research interest and the concrete research question. The project will be presented and discussed in short presentations at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. The exposé has to be submitted as a PDF file to at least two weeks before the planned short presentation date.


Possible structure / content of the exposé

  • Indication of the title of the thesis, name of the doctoral student and name of the supervisor
  • Description of the dissertation project
  • Clearly formulated research question
  • Description of the methodology
  • References
  • Time and work plan
  • Short curriculum vitae



2,500 words (excl. sources) // Total approx. 10 pages