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Dissertation / Doctoral viva


Doctoral students are entitled to enroll for courses for the doctoral viva if they fulfill the curriculum requirements. The prerequisites for registration for the final examination are positive completion of the specified courses and positive grading of the dissertation.

Submission of application

In order to complete a doctoral programme, it is necessary to submit an application for admission to the doctoral viva. This application must be submitted together with the application for the appointment of the supervisors of a dissertation in the office of the Vice-Rector — Mrs. Martina Rosenmeier (Aktsaal). The need for external assessors must be discussed personally with the Vice-Rectorate for Academic Affairs. All the forms mentioned above are available at the Office of Student Affairs, or can be downloaded below. If the applications are approved, the form “Beurteilung der Dis­ser­ta­ti­on“ (Evaluation of the Dissertation) will be sent to the appointed examiner. In addition to the application for the doctoral viva examination, two bound copies of the dissertation must be handed in at the Vice-Rectorate for Academic Affairs.


Admission to the doctoral viva

Appointment of the examiner

Submission of the dissertation


Date and procedure of the doctoral viva The doctoral viva can take place at the earliest two weeks after the application has been submitted. During the doctoral viva, the dissertation must be defended in its academic context before the examination senate. The examination senate consists of those university teachers who have supervised and/or evaluated the dissertation.

The candidate can arrange with the supervisor and the second assessor the date, place and time of the doctoral viva and inform the Vice-Rector for Teaching, who will then invite the members of the examination senate.


Formal requirements for dissertations

Each dissertation copy must be bound with glued back and hard cover. The first and last name must be indicated on the spine. It is recommended that the first pages of the dissertation be designed according to the guidelines, and that abstracts be written in both German and English (max. 250 words each) and included in the work.

Info sheet – Guide


Evaluation and awarding of the final certificates

After the final examination of the doctoral viva, all media borrowed from the library must be returned and the proof (printed pdf confirmation) of the entry of statistical data (see links in the box on the upper right) must be presented to the Study Administration Office.

With the positive evaluation of the doctoral viva and the dissertation, the doctoral programme is completed, and the academic degree is awarded by the Vice-Rector for Education. At the end of each semester, a ceremonial doctoral examination takes place. Participation is free of charge and must be registered in the study department.