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Limited number of places


Proximity and distance determine the presence of the other person. Performance and research are two approaches, each of which is also about measuring this relationship. This requires curiosity and an open environment. The garden of the Center Research Focus and the new Performance Studio of the APL invite us to learn through physical presence, to discover new techniques and to experience other kinds of order.

We focus our attention on sensing meaning and experiencing presence, as both play a central role in research, whether art or science.

Within a week, different attributions of co-shared practices will be experienced with our bodies, our voices, diverse materials and props.

The focus is on what am I doing when I do something?

In a series of workshops and other open formats artists, researchers and students will have the opportunity to engage in performative actions and explorative encounters together. Consolidations can – and perhaps even must – be lost in order to allow new content to appear.

With Ruth Anderwald , Gabrielle Cram, Cordula Daus, Ricarda Denzer, Nikolaus Eckhard, Viktor Fucek, Lona Gaikis, Philipp Gehmacher, Asher O’Gorman, Mariella Greil, Leonhard Grond, Walter Lunzer, Philippe Riera, Barbis Ruder, Ulla Rauter, Charlotta Ruth, Sebastiano Sing, Lucie Strecker, Stefan Voglsinger


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