Ruth Anderwald + Leonhard Grond

professors Artistic Research PhD programme

professors for the Artistic Research PhD Programme (PhD in Art)

Ruth Anderwald + Leonhard Grond have worked collectively as artists, artist-curators, and artist-researchers since 1999 and are the professors for the Artistic Research PhD Programme (PhD in Art). Within their co-creative artistic-research practice, they develop practice-led, theory-led, and process-oriented artistic research on dizziness. Ruth and Leonhard are researching the social, affective, and sensory impact and epistemic potential of states of dizziness, the navigation of aporetic situations within artistic and arts-based research practice, the potential for epistemic solidarity in cross- and transdisciplinary contexts, including ways to Climate Action between activism, solastalgia, and petrification. Moreover, they research dizziness under the perspective of somaesthetics, and somatic learning (Feldenkrais Method), in post-artistic, salutogenic, and socio-political contexts and as a tool for arts-based research. Further, Ruth and Leonhard conduct intergenerational arts-based research, and engage in artistic research approaches in remembrance cultures and their transdisciplinary and transformative potential.

Ruth Anderwald and Leonhard Grond

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Their work has been exhibited internationally, e.g., at Centre Pompidou, Paris, Himalayas Art Museum, Shanghai, Tate Modern, London, and CCA Tel Aviv. In addition, they have curated screening programs and exhibitions with, i.a., Whitechapel Gallery London, Kunsthaus Graz, Brücke Museum Berlin, and Ujazdowski Castle Warsaw. Their long-term artistic research projects include Dizziness—A Resource (2014-17), Navigating Dizziness Together (2020-24), funded by FWF PEEK and the EU-funded Art Works! European Culture of Resistance and Liberation (2019-21) with Museion Bolzano, MSU Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb, Foundation wannseeFORUM, HKW Berlin, and Foundation Between Bridges. Ruth and Leonhard have an international lecture record speaking, e.g., at the Venice Biennale 2021 or the Opening of the Economic Symposium of the European Forum Alpbach 2016. Together with Giora Rosen and Klaus Zeyringer, they published Notes on a Coast (2007), an artist’s book with their eponymous photo series and the first anthology of Hebrew poetry lyrics in German with over 30 contributions by Israeli and Palestinian poets. Since 2007, they have reflected on construction sites of cultural institutions, i.a., History in Between for House of Austrian History (2017-19), or The Construction Site of Remembrance (2018-23), at Memorial and Museum Auschwitz-Birkenau, commissioned by the Austrian National Funds. In 2020, Ruth and Leonhard received the Art Prize of the City of Graz for their arts-based research on dizziness; their intergenerational artistic research project Art Works! was named Best Practice Response to the Covid-19 Crisis by the Council of Europe in 2021.

The long-term co-creative and cross-disciplinary practice of Ruth and Leonhard prevails in an open and egalitarian culture, empowering artists and researchers to expand their disciplinary areas, methodologies or communities. They understand their position as supportive of critical inquiry, knowledge transfer, and fostering intercultural, cross-disciplinary communication, based in a Community of Practice.

Utrata równowagi

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On Certain Groundlessness

© Anderwald + Grond

Hasn’t it been a great journey so far?

© Anderwald + Grond, CH Studio

Notes on a Coast

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The Frame of the FutureTM

© Anderwald + Grond, Anna Kim

Tidal Balance

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Horizon in Motion

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Recent Works and Publications:

Ruth Anderwald, Leonhard Grond (2024): ‘Making Dizziness Fertile’. In: Science, Technology, & Human Value (ST&HV) Special Issue Epistemic Dizziness Acksel, Josties, Le Calvé (eds.), (upcoming).

Ruth Anderwald, Sergio Edelsztein, Leonhard Grond (2023): On Certain Groundlessness. Immersive sound installation and podcast with a.o. Davide Deriu, Tim Ettchels, Auxiliadora Gálvez Pérez, Dani Gal, Trevor Paglen, Alice Pechriggl, Ursula Prutsch, Grace Samboh, Ben Spatz.

Ruth Anderwald, Leonhard Grond (2023): Tidal Balance. Film. Cinédoc Paris Films Coop.

Ruth Anderwald, María Auxiliadora Gálvez Pérez, Leonhard Grond (2021): ‘Getting Dizzy, A Conversation between the Artistic Research of Dizziness and Somatic Architecture’. In: The Journal of Somaesthetics. Aalto University.

Ruth Anderwald, Karoline Feyertag, Leonhard Grond (eds.) (2019): Dizziness–A Resource. Publication Series of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna: Sternberg Press.