PhD projects scientific research

Here you can find current research projects of the scientific doctorates. If you are a PhD candidate and would like to be added to the list, please contact!


Mekhala Dave: Human Rights as Transnational Strategy from exploring Socially Engaged Art in India
Supervisors: Eva Maria Stadler & Manfred Nowak
Department: Art & Knowledge Transfer, Institute of Art & Society


Marc Schuran: The intertwining of the blank
Supervisor: Virgil Widrich
Department: Art & Science

Frida Robles: The Re-enchantment of the World
Supervisor: Eva Kernbauer
Department: Art History


Barb Macek: Autoimmunity and Anthropological Difference
Supervisor: Virgil Widrich
Abteilung: Art & Science


Deniz Güvensoy: Gates and Borders as Poros and Aporia in Contemporary Visual Culture and Contemporary Art
Supervisor: Marion Elias
Department: Philosophy

Aneta Zahradnik: Conceptual Tendencies in Czech and Slovak Art of the 1960s and 1970s
Supervisor: Eva Kernbauer
Department: Art History


Barbara Kedl-Hecher: The telephone talk. Research on the disappearing everyday medium of the landline telephone in Austria 1955-2010
Supervisor: Hubert Christian Ehalt
Department: Institute for Art Studies, Art Education and Art Mediation, Department of Cultural Studies

Amila Softic: Sad trophies? Photography as resonance of the impermanent
Supervisors: Marion Elias, Ferdinand Schmatz
Department: Philosophy, Language Arts

Zeynep Türel: The Prince of the Feast. Hölderlin as a Poet of Intellectual Conception
Supervisors: Helmut Draxler & Antonia Birnbaum
Department: Art Theory and Philosophy


Vera Kumer: Making the Invisible Visible: Echoes of Surveillance in Art, Science, Architecture and Technology
Supervisor: Gabriele Jutz
Department: Media Theory


Maria Stubenberg: Landschaft-Raum-Bewegung
Supervisor: Eva Maria Stadler
Department: Art & Knowledge Transfer