Sound Art Research Platform

The Sound Art Research Platform sees itself as a place for researching the multi-layered complexity of sound in the context of artistic-research practice and theory. Situated at the Zentrum Fokus Forschung, the Sound Art Research Platform not only connects disciplines, departments and people internally at the Angewandte through a transdisciplinary approach, but also continuously seeks to open up existing structures, create synergies and enable and establish cooperations in the field of sound art.

The Sound Art Research Platform is a hub, a pool of knowledge and a centre of excellence at the same time. In an inclusive and supportive environment, the platform offers space for critical reflection, practice and dialogue. By continuously providing an overview of current research projects and teaching formats in the broad field of Sound Art at Angewandte, the platform aims to encourage transparency and knowledge transfer, and to enable professional and precise research through the high-quality infrastructure provided.

The platform aims to promote and establish current topics and focal points (such as Sonic Turn, Deep Listening, Field Recordings and Sonic Environments, Ecology of Sound,…) as well as to support experimental and innovative formats and projects of artistic research. Thus, the platform is aimed at all people who are engaged in artistic research with sound in the broadest sense and thus tries to offer an open and barrier-free access to knowledge and technology.


Sen. Sc. Mag. art Karl Salzmann

ÆSR Lab - Applied/Experimental Sound Research Laboratory

Sound research laboratory at the interface of art and science

ÆSR Lab – Applied/Experimental Sound Research Lab is a modular, mobile sound research laboratory in three parts at the interface of art and science. It is an infrastructure – with precise instruments and state-of-the-art technology – that promotes interdisciplinary research and artistic design and helps to open up the development and testing of new technologies.

The ÆSR Lab is being developed by the University of Applied Arts Vienna (Zentrum Fokus Forschung) in cooperation with and with the Artistic Research Center (ARC) and the Institute for Composition, Electroacoustics and Tonmeister Training (IKE) of the mdw – University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, as well as the Phonogrammarchiv (PhA) of the Austrian Academy of Sciences.

The project focuses on the following topics in the field of experimental sound research: machine learning, field recording methods, architectural sound design (spatialisation) and the reference to the physical world by means of sensors and actuators (physical computing). At the same time, the interface from analogue to digital is explored via the conservation, restoration and digitisation of sound carriers.

In order to make the cooperative use of and access to the lab and its equipment as low-threshold as possible, a representative and publicly easily accessible lending system is also being developed that will map all available research instruments.

ÆSR Lab is funded by the BMBWF and in cooperation with the Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF) of the EU

Project lead and contact: Karl Salzmann

Project partner mdw: Thomas Grill

Project partner PhA:   Kerstin Klenke