Angwandte Praxis: Digital War

Lesia Kulchynska(Kyiv/Rom):Limits of witnessing, and the role of art during the networked war

The war in the digital era is accompanied by an inseparable from the instant and massive witnessing. Every citizen equipped with a smartphone can produce and circulate the instant evidence of every crime committed, document and share her own war-related experience. In the background of the mass production of visual evidence of the war, what is the role of art?

Social media became a platform for sharing artistic messages related to war, providing the desired instancy of the audience outreach and its emotional engagement. Yet after the first year of artistic witnessing of war, this strategy seems to face its limits: from algorithmic content moderation to the saturation of the attention market, loss of news value, and doubts in its efficiency.Exploring the influence of the architecture of social media on the artistic practices of witnessing and on setting its limits, I will try to map the artistic strategies that go beyond the established logic of networked war.

Yana Barinova(Kyiv/Vienna):Casted image: artistic representations of Mariupol from 2014 till nowadays

Yana Barinova is sharing her own story, given that her family is from Mariupol. In addition, she is picking out some artworks from well-known artists who’ve shown the harsh realities during the occupation of Mariupol and the Azovstal siege. The presentation will be a mix of personal and artistic viewpoints.

Kateryna Lysovenko


The painterKateryna Lysovenko talks about her creative-artistic understanding of aesthetic resistance in times of war, death, violence, destruction, genocide, thought control and the massive restrictions on human rights and freedom of expression. She willtalk about the connection between the image and the ideology regarding her own artistic practice, she will also discuss the context of the art field and art education in Ukraine, and she will talk about monumental art in Ukraine, because it’s connected with her paintings.

ScreeningChornobyl 22.Directed byOleksiy Radynski, Ukraine, 2023, 20 Minuten.


Abb. 1: Der Account @xenasolo, der von einer weiblichen TikTok-Nutzerin betrieben wird, kontextualisiert die Situation in der Ukraine für ein englischsprachiges Publikum. (Quelle: Tiktok)

Abb. 2-4: Quelle: Kateryna Lysovenko

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