with Sebastian Cichocki

For decades, art has at times been part of other, non-artistic systems such as ecology, politics, agriculture, religion, anthropology, and therapy. Art is a singular human activity, whose very lack of clarity in terms of what it is or is not should be considered in terms of its vitality and ability to adapt. The blurring of art’s boundaries enables it to cross-pollinate conquer new territories.

In 1987, artist Peter Nadin bought the nineteenth-century Old Field Farm in the Catskill Mountains, New York, devoting himself to farming and animal husbandry. Starting from the film The First Mark Sebastian Cichocki will introduce his research on art which becomes a part of something else.

Hosted by Ruth Anderwald & Leonhard Grond, the HASENHERZ or the Pleasures of the Moving Image and Word sessions present artistic research from academic and non-academic background to a wider audience. By means of repetition and an open and receptive conversation between the audience and invited artistic researchers, new ways of artistic and curatorial practice and their novel ways of knowledge work will be introduced to the audience.

Sebastian Cichocki is the Chief Curator at the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw (MSN), where he was a member of curatorial teams of Who Will Write the History of Tears: Artists on Women’s Rights (2021), Primary Forms (2021-ongoing), The Penumbral Age: Art in the Times of Planetary Crisis (2020), Never Again: Art against War and Fascism in the 20th and 21st centuries (2019), Making Use: Life in Postartistic Times (2016) and other exhibition and research programmes.

Sebastian Cichocki is the curator of The Gleaners Society, the 40th EVA International – Ireland’s Biennial.

Selected programmes by Cichocki include also Postartistic Assembly at the Gwangju Biennale, 2023 and Postartistic Congress (Sokołowsko, The Konteksty Festival 2021, with Marianna Dobkowska), the Polish pavilions at the 52nd (Monika Sosnowska 1:1) and 54th Biennale of Art in Venice (Yael Bartana … and Europe will Be Stunned, with Galit Eilat), The Bródno Biennale (2018, convened with Paweł Althamer and Goshka Macuga), Rainbow in the Dark: On the Joy and Torment of Faith, Konstmuseum Malmö (2015, with Galit Eilat). Sebastian Cichocki is a member of The Office for Postartistic Services – networks of art workers contributing to the pro-democratic and anti-authoritarian political struggles, and works with The Sunflower – Solidarity Community Center in Warsaw, an aid, culture and counter-propaganda initiative for those who suffered from Russia’s invasion on Ukraine.

Sebastian Cichocki has published extensively and lectured at various venues, including Dhaka Art Summit, the Kochi Biennale, Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts, Kunsthalle Wien, Gwangju Biennale, The Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, Project Arts Centre, Dublin, Clark House Initiative, Mumbai, The University of Malta. He is a 2018 fellow at the Center for Curatorial Leadership, MoMA, New York.

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