Symposium: Addressing Dizziness – Navigating Possibilities in Collectives

4. – 6. May 2022
Zentrum Fokus Forschung
Rustenschacherallee 2–4
1020 Vienna

A symposium by Anderwald+Grond in the context of their FWF PEEK research projekt Navigating Dizziness Togehter:

Dizziness occurs as an unpredictable movement or the illusion of such a motion that unbalances us. States of dizziness happen temporarily, conditionally, situationally, and on different scales, from the personal and emotional up to societal and systemic levels and can encompass an entire world out of kilter. Therefore, we need to address dizziness as sensory input, impacting our sense of balance but also our ability to make sense and sense in terms of emotional processing. In today’s societies, we can localize many sources of disruption, disorientation, and disaster. As we become dizzy as a group or community, we enter a stage of exposedness, unsure of our abilities, actions, and reasoning – we become uncertain of ourselves and the very ground we thought of as stable and stabilizing.

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