Doktoratsprojekt künstlerische Forschung

RAD Performance

Conny Zenk

How can we create spaces where we can live our identity and be together in solidarity?

RAD Performance sets concerts and sound art in motion with a multitude of loudspeakers and at the center of artistic research. The bicycle becomes a medium for experimental music, activism, DIY culture, urban games and performance. Different places and squares are playfully occupied: the city becomes a stage and the bicycle is a vehicle, instrument and actor at the same time. The acoustics of the urban space complement, overlay and extend the experimental electronic compositions.
Different artistic strategies and forms of play are used to create references to the respective sound spaces.

How could a district be changed and redesigned by first hearing it differently? How can concrete wishes for social architecture and a sustainable city be derived from such an approach? In the performance, a group of cyclists is constantly in motion. It aims to question the city along its social boundaries and bodily dependency on infrastructure. The digital sphere of the city will be recorded: the bicycles trace a digital trail along the streets, storing sounds and compositions in physical and virtual ways. Thus, a body of sound is produced that represents a referential structure or a multiplicity of relations of the city.

In the context of artistic research, the particular interest lies in the contrast between the soundscapes of different territories and regions and the linked social and historical environment. The utopia of a social and sustainable landscape that spreads and reclaims a bit of space, using the bicycle as a medium and carrier, that is above all audible.