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Doktoratsprojekte künstlerische Forschung

Projekte im Rahmen des Doktoratsstudiums Künstlerische Forschung an der Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien in alphabetischer Reihenfolge:


Johanna Bruckner, Xenopoetic De/Compositions: The Affect-Body as Interface, Betreuerin: Jakob Lena Knebl
Andrew Champlin, Technique Concerns: Ballet Practice Against the Western Archive, Betreuer*innen: Ruth Anderwald+ Leonhard Grond
Corç George Demir, Ancestral Junctures: on the expansion of ancestral mythologies, Betreuer: Hans Schabus
Jošt Franko, The Migrating Image, Betreuerin: Gerhild Steinbuch
Joseph Leung Mong-Sum, Digital Angst – An Artistic Ethnography of the Relationship between Anxiety and Digital Culture (from Hong Kong to China and the World), Betreuerin: Gabriele Rothemann
Judit Navratil, Szívküldi Lakótelep: a VR Social Housing Neighborhood, Betreuerin: Ruth Schnell
— Marthin Rozo Castaño, Art and Conservation in the Post-Conflict, Betreuer*innen: Cristina Garcia Grinda + Efrén Diaz Moreno


Tamara Antonijević, Assisting (as an aesthetic experience), Betreuerin: Gerhild Steinbuch
— Nisrine Boukhari, between an unknown beginning and unexpected end in no particular order. on fragmentation and nonlinearity in conceptual writing in visual art, Betreuerin: Monika Rinck
— Oscar Gardea, NARCOFUTURISMO Hybrid Futures in Mafia of Northern Mexico, Supervisor: Brigitte Felderer
Ani Gurashvili, Painting as a Carrier Bag, Betreuer: Henning Bohl
Rah Eleh, Xenofuturism: A Proposal for a Liminal Futurism, Betreuerin: Bouchra Khalili
Conny Zenk, RAD Performance – Driving Voices of Resistance, Betreuerin: Ruth Schnell


Žarko Aleksić, Consciousness As an Art Process, Supervisor: Margarete Jahrmann
Margit Busch, A garden for a fish, Supervisor: Virgil Widrich
Cristiana de Marchi, Casting a shadow. On disappearance, emptiness and the haunting power of absence, Supervisor: Judith Eisler
Tamás Páll, Role-play, simulation and worlding, Supervisor: Margarete Jahrmann
— Ana Rajcevic, Chimera: the Monstrous, the Wondrous and the Human, Supervisor: Virgil Widrich
— Juli Sikorska, Apocalypse!!! From science fiction to climate fiction: imagining climate futures we can and want to live in, Supervisor: Anab Jain


— Niels Bonde, Paying with your face, Supervisor: Margarete Jahrmann
— Erik Bünger, Thou Shalt Not Speak, Supervisor: Jan Svenungsson
— Micha Payer, Re-Enacting Tableaus, Supervisor: Paul Petritsch
Georg Tremmel, The Emergence of Biology as a Read/Write Medium, Supervisor: Margarete Jahrmann.


— Barbara Graf, Stitches and Sutures, Supervisor: Barbara Putz-Plecko
— Anahita Rezvani-Rad, What role does art play, if any, in archiving and effecting collective memory, Supervisor: Henning Bohl
— Barbis Ruder, COUNTERACTIONS. What are the possibilities and restraints of (body) optimization?, Supervisor: Hans Schabus
— Rizki Resa Utama, BALIMAJINESE “Constructed Audiovisual Language in Tropical Tourism (Bali, Indonesia)”, Supervisor: Martin Krenn
— Fabian Weiss, Ideal Self: How We Use Photography and Technology to Present and Optimize Ourselves, Supervisor: Margarete Jahrmann


— Cordula Daus, Kay, or a Case for Intensity, Supervisor: Ferdinand Schmatz
— Bogomir Doringer, I Dance Alone, Supervisor: Paul Petritsch
— Verena Faißt, Staging the white elephant that remains overlooked, Supervisor: Barbara Putz-Plecko
— Martin Kusch, Virtual Together, Supervisor: Peter Weibel
— Charlotta Ruth, Choreographic Contingencies for on and offline, Supervisor: Margarete Jahrmann
— Hinnerk Utermann, Talking House, Supervisor: Jan Svenungsson


— Michael Kargl, Performative Materiality, Supervisor: Brigitte Kowanz (2021 abgeschlossen)
— Ralo Mayer, Space Un·Settlements, Supervisor: Ferdinand Schmatz
— Marie-Claude Poulin, Mutations – bodily perception, analog and digital dispositives, Supervisor: Ruth Schnell
— Katarina Šoškić, The Journey: tourist zones, seasons and fields in between, Supervisor: Jan Svenungsson
— Anna Vasof, Non-Stop Stop-Motion, Supervisor: Judith Eisler (2020 abgeschlossen)