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Barbis Ruder
What are the possibilities and restraints of (body) optimization?

Today‘s capitalistic drive for self-optimization is mirrored in our bodies. Stress-related diseases are on the rise in our so-called first world. For these current tendencies, I create counteractions in the form of new sculptural unions between body and sculpture. I create living pictures that both show and examine these challenges in a poetic way.

The research takes form in sculptures and objects that extend the body and use flexible elements for interaction and to create a tension. The focus is equally both on the object and the body so they form a unity. These body sculptures are there to test the limits and opportunities of movement within new structures. Additional knowledge and discourse takes place with experts from the fields of medical technology and physiology.

Moreover, I aim collaborate more with manufacturers that develop enhancements, movement machines and solutions for the body. Together with them, I want to develop new uses to their techniques and alienate them from their original purpose. Alternations and physical restrains may add value by opening up possibilities for the other view, new information and ideas for yet unknown territory.

Based on these thoughts and ideas, I will research on the topic of counteraction against our enhancement driven technology: What are the possibilities and restraints of (body) optimization?

Supervisor: Hans Schabus


Mundstücke v2, photography: Helmut Prochart © Barbis Ruder