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Johanna Bruckner
Xenopoetic De/Compositions: The Affect-Body as Interface

In my planned dissertation Xenopoetic Compositions: The Affect-Body as Interface I am interested in the interface between the body, affect and the prosthetic image. Embedded in the discourse around Xenofeminism, Agential Realism and the New Materialisms, the interface is a conceptual analytical tool to critically analyse the interaction between the body and algorithmic systems marked by processes of alienation. The xenopoetic is a term for capturing the inter- and transactions of human bodies with their technologies; an aesthetic articulation, which manifests itself performatively in affects, the porosity of bodily boundaries and the prosthetics of the body associated with this.

Within this framework, my proposal delves into the deconstructive and corporeal nature of interfaces, particularly against the backdrop of postdigital and queer-feminist conceptions of affect and the body, and a critical analysis of the biopower intertwined with them. The potential xenopoetic forms of care inherent in the performativity of the affective technology (exemplified through the interface of net-porn, for example) that emerges in my practical-discursive work are central to a societal understanding of postdigital performance.

Betreuerin: Jakob Lena Knebl


Credits of the photo:
Sympoetic Desires, Performance, Johanna Bruckner, 2020, ZKM, Zentrum für Kunst und Medien, Karlsruhe. Foto von Elias Siebert.